Short Walks to Vézelay ↴

Here the short distances. The extension can last forever.

Walk to the Fontaines Salées (8km) ↴

Of course, it can also be shorter

From Sermizelles to Saint Père (12km) ↴

On old pilgrim paths to Vézelay (incl. timetable, bus and restaurant suggestion)

Around the Caves of Arcy sur Cure (9km) ↴

ZTo the cave with the mammoth paintngs and to the cave of the legendary snake lover Père Leleu.


Round trip east of Vézelay (10 km) ↴

Along the 'gnome houses' in the large forest (10 km)

Tour de Vézelay (12km) ↴

The city on the mountain appears again and again

From Bazoches to Saint Pere (12km) ↴

On Roman roads (incl. timetable bus to Bazoches and restaurant suggestion)

 Up and down to Tharoiseau (10km) ↴

Carps, Celts and castle on the mountain