Practical info for tenants

The keys

Red arrow: the key safe with keys of both houses (26 = river house, 28 = fisher house) in the side wall of the river house, in the alley to the river.


Enter the code received by e-mail. Use the rotary knob above to open the door. When you leave, store the keys here again.

Arrival and stay in the river house. User manual ↴

Arrival and stay in the fisherhouse. User manual ↴


* Once a week, very early on Tuesmorning, garbage is collected. From the end of the afternoon on Monday, the containers with the red and yellow lid can be placed on the corner of the alley to the river.
* The red container is for non-recyclable household waste.
* The yellow container is for recyclable plastic and paper and cans. Sticker with what yes or no in the map, on the fridge, or here.
* In 2024 they will come for the red and the yellow container on monday to tuesday nights: 2/1, 16/1, 30/1, 13/2, 27/2,  12/3, 26/3, 9/4, 23/4, 7/5, 21/5, 4/6, 18/6, 2/7, 16/7, 30/7, 13/8, 27/8, 10/9, 24/09, 8/10, 22/10, 5/11, 19/11, 3/12, 17/12, 31/12.
* Per year only 15 red containers with non-recyclable household waste can be put outside. This should therefore only be put outside when it is completely full. Would you like to check on the first Monday of your stay whether the container with the red lid is full and possibly put it outside? Then there are pockets of your predecessors in it. Your successors will do the same for you later. Please put the container in the garden/court again on Tuesday morning.
* On the way to the campsite - street to crossroad, left over bridge, immediately to the right, after 100 meters - are the glass bins for your empty bottles.

Departure ↴