Saint Père sous Vézelay

  • Saint-Père (350 inhabitants) is famous for its 800 year old church.

Les Fontaines Salées

  • Outside Saint Père there are medicinal springs. The Celts worshipped here the goddess Sulis, the Romans Minerva. The Celtic sanctuary and the Roman bathhouse have been excavated.


  • Vézelay lies on the 300 meter high 'Scorpion Hill'.

The caves of Arcy sur Cure

  • They are unknown, but spectacular: much older than Lascaux's, with children's handprints and many drawings of mammoths.

Pierre Perthuis

  • Prachtig gelegen dorpje, waar de rivier de Cure in de diepte langsstroomt.

    Upstream you find Pierre-Perthuis, a charming little village with a double bridge.

Noyers sur Serein

  • Noyers-sur-Serein is a charming little old town with old city walls, half-timbered houses.


  • Tonnerre has a clear, deep blue-green spring. In Celtic times it was an important shrine.


  • In the woods to the east lies the well-preserved medieval monastery complex of Fontenay, a highlight in this field.


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