Short Walks to Vézelay

Here the short distances. The extension can last forever.

Walk to the Fontaines Salées (8km)

Of course, it can also be shorter

From Sermizelles to Saint Père (12km)

On old pilgrim paths to Vézelay (incl. timetable, bus and restaurant suggestion)

Around the Caves of Arcy sur Cure (9km)

ZTo the cave with the mammoth paintngs and to the cave of the legendary snake lover Père Leleu.


Round trip east of Vézelay (10 km)

Along the 'gnome houses' in the large forest (10 km)

Tour de Vézelay (12km)

The city on the mountain appears again and again

From Bazoches to Saint Pere (12km)

On Roman roads (incl. timetable bus to Bazoches and restaurant suggestion)

 Up and down to Tharoiseau (10km)

Carps, Celts and castle on the mountain